alternative advertising

Advertising at a creative extreme. We surprise the consumer, making an indelible impression that creates standout social buzz. 

Traditional formats are becoming obsolete in today's invasive media landscape. From street-level guerrilla tactics and brand experiences to PR stunts and special builds, we prevail in unconventional and experiential consumer engagement campaigns that connect awesome people with awesome brands. Our interest lies in working with clients that push the boundaries of today's norm.

Our methods:

ambient media

object media

object media

Projection: Projecting static or motion images against a surface grabs attention at night.

eye level - barricade and window graphic

Ground: An inexpensive street level message strategically placed in dense foot traffic areas.

Object: Utilize existing spaces in a unique and unexpected way to deliver your message.

Street Teams


EcoMedia/green advertising - prevent excess waste and send a sustainable brand message. ex. living walls, 

Media Planning And Placement

For all the number-crunching and analysis that goes into media planning, creating a successful integrated media plan across multiple media formats is truly an artistic undertaking. We leverage data-driven insights and programmatic buying to plan and place media, but we also rely on experience, instinct and human decision-making to chart the course.

From traditional media like radio and print to the alternative media formats, our team will craft a comprehensive media plan and assist with paid placement. 


CivitasNow media planning and placement services include:

  • Media Vendor Outreach 
  • Media Placement
  • Account Management
  • Negotiation for Added Value or Bonuses
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Proof-of-Performance Reportin